Jean jackets conquer the fashion world, to this trend, many motorcyclists have been waiting for years. Finally there is it again: Casual clothes made ​​of denim with hidden reinforcements for the case. The trendy jeans jackets for motorcyclists are offered in different designs, as summer or winter jacket. In the cool denim jackets for motorcyclists is invisible reinforcements to the safety of the cyclist hide to increase.

It should, however be paid to quality. The denim jackets should have high abrasion-resistant aramid fibers at the elbows and shoulders, only by a fixed tissues important safety reserves are the support offered. These critical areas are also protected by removable protectors.

It is important to make sure that the protectors fit perfectly at the elbow, or at best are even height adjustable. Some denim jackets also have a pocket for back protectors. At the impact points that denim jackets are stitched with safety seams (Kevlar seams), so they can not tear.

Safety before fashion

On security should not be waived. Who wants to go with a denim jacket motorcycle, should be a special jacket for this hobby buy and not make do with a simple denim jacket. In public, a classic cut motorcycle jacket is not even noticed as such and can easily be worn in the pedestrian zone. Frequently Jean jackets are provided with small niceties, so almost all of them have a mobile phone pocket or more, securely lockable and easily accessible exterior and interior pockets with snaps or zippers.

A jacket for all seasons

For the warm season, the denim jackets are offered with breathable mesh lining and for the cold months it is available with a warm and cozy, often removable lining. Thus, denim jackets are all year round suitable. The denim denim jackets are usually made ​​of 100 % cotton and are offered mainly in the typical denim blue. In this case the colouration depending on the wash, is very different. There is this popular look but also in black, gray and even bold colors. Unfortunately, a denim jacket keeps any rain and it sucks the rain very quickly.

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Para tu cabello nada como FERRANN

Vests are a true classic of underwear for men and women and can be worn under any type of outerwear often. Equally, however, they are also used as part of the underwear when sport is used, because in this case they always offer themselves because of their convenient carrying comfort. Also known as functional underwear are therefore to find, but making the right undershirt for the sport stands out at all from?

In addition to sports briefs and sports bras are an inseparable part of the sports underwear , they offer a comfortable fit often comes in this regard, however, to the question of what constitutes the right undershirt for the sport at all. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to consider the vest as functional underwear even closer.

The perfect fit

The right undershirt for the sport was to be distinguished addition to the aforementioned, comfortable fit first of all by a perfectly-fitting fit. Even with strong movements that model should not slip, scratch or tweak therefore.


Even more crucial is the undershirt as part of the baselayer but the necessary breathability. As such, special sports underwear is precisely characterized by this property, they should of course also apply to the undershirt. Finally, the air permeability of the material is crucial to keep constant enough fresh air get to the skin and can be prevented in this way an increased sweating.

The undershirt should therefore be as breathable as possible and therefore are made of thin cotton. Not at all recommended, however, models made ​​from synthetic fabrics, since they have a lack of breathability and promote perspiration rather than to prevent them.

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Portant aussi le nom d’héliolite, la pierre de soleil vertus appartient à la famille des oligoclases.